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WDC offers many different modules/workstreams that help businesses develop their digital footprint 

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MODULE 1 - Digital Audit

This can be the starting point for engagement with DigitalFootprint if you are looking for an overview. Digital Audits provide businesses with a detailed look at their digital footprint: a deep dive into their SEM, SEO, YouTube, GMB, GA, website, Social and Reviews presence. We will even provide a competitive analysis across Social & Reviews in addition to the most updated research on the automotive buying journey 

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MODULE 2 - Media Mix Analysis

Review 2 years of dealership traditional and digital media spend, coupled with associated monthly leads and sales, and WDC will use the data to develop a benchmark cost per lead (cpl) and cost per vehicle (cpv) in comparison to industry standards.

MODULE 3 - Digital Marketing Strategy

Work closely with management team to develop and implement an ongoing paid and organic digital strategy across profit centers: new, used, fleet, parts & service. Create a strategy that enables search, video, social, reviews & your website to help grow ROI for your business

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MODULE 4 - YouTube Video Creation

Create and implement a video creation strategy across education, utility and entertainment that is simple for sales staff and effective in bringing customers into the dealership. Focus not only on sales but also ‘how to’s’ that can provide value for customers and bring life to a stagnant YT channel.

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Review MCC in detail across new, used and service to understand campaign set up and strategy in an effort to streamline nomenclature and offer structure. Introduce and monitor test & learn scenarios to generate highest ctr & ROI for dealerships spend

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Through the audit, dealerships will understand where additional SEO effort is needed (typically generic kw’s). Through additional GA investigation, work with 3P to review existing strategy and brainstorm where most effective and impactful changes can be implemented.

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MODULE 7 -  Desktop/Mobile website Review

Deeper dive into all sections and all pages of both websites culminating in numerous suggestions for improvement based on 28 best site practices WDC has earmarked through extensive research. Work with 3P to implement and analyze the impact of those changes.

MODULE 8- GA Analysis

Expand on analysis delivered in Phase 1 and provide concrete suggestions and strategies to improve the data accumulation for each dealership allowing them to make decisions based on actionable data

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MODULE 9 - Social Platforms Strategy

Which platform delivers ROI? Do I have the right messaging strategy for each platform? Do I post too often are too little? In this module, every question will be answered and a simple + consistent social strategy will be implemented

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MODULE 10 - YouTube Media Strategy

Work with dealership team to educate them on types and effectiveness of video ads on YouTube. Develop a test & learn/go slow approach that delivers on key goals/kpi’s. Provide video creator best practices on production for YT

MODULE 11 - Reviews Strategy

Never underestimate the power of a review. And how you respond to those reviews. Every review. There are dozens of review sites on the web, we will identify the most important and create a best in class response strategy (timely + personal + proactive)

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MODULE 12 - Vendor Management

Act as internal ‘employee’ for dealerships helping manage vendor relationships and all of the calls/requests for meetings they get from vendors. Help dealerships learn about new software, CRM, lead gen, social, SEM/SEO, website opportunities. Meet and vet those companies and present back to dealership companies that are worth meeting.

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